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About Us

Welcome to Ceyloncocopeat.com - GW BIO SUBSTRATES GROUP

Towards a greener world.

How we gave it a go …


Nestled in the luscious coconut groves of the Coconut Triangle in the North-Western province of the charming tropical island paradise called Sri Lanka, G.W Lanka Export and Bio Substrates engage themselves to the worthy cause of making our planet a greener world.
We are devoted to the task of manufacturing and exporting a variety of coco peat and coir based products.
In 2003 a self-motivated investor with high ranking expertise in the field took the initiative to give it a go. Since then we have been a manufacturer and exporter of coco peat products with ever growing enthusiasm to cater to various needs of our valued customers, with our global presence.

How we do it….


Encouraged by the sufficient availability of quality raw materials in its location we have been putting up our reputation and marching forward, towards nothing but success itself. Interestingly, we are also well recognised throughout the globe thanks to our possession of superior quality products which are produced under SLS (Sri Lanka Standards Institution) and G.M.P certifications.
An ever committed and well-trained factory hands with necessary knowledge, work for us to guarantee that our products are up to the standard with 100% natural and organic material.
Our employees are from poverty stricken segment of our area. Our success has generated employment for them highlighting our responsibility to society.
To be able to guarantee super quality of our products we utilize nothing but modern technology and machinery. It is needless to say, it guarantees high quality finished products for our valued customers.

Who are our valued customers?


Our customers are ever on the increase. They are,

  • Environment friendly investors engaged in horticultural & floricultural sectors.
  • Small, medium and large-scale greenhouse growers, indoor and outdoor organic growers engage in Tomato, Bell paper, Japanese and Chinese cucumber, strawberry, chili and capsicum, mushroom, ginger, rice and many other cultivation.
  • Hydroponic growers
  • Nursery and garden makers 
  • Users of terrarium products for animal bedding
  • For open field soil mixing, potting mixtures
  • For seedling nurseries, lawn, golf courses, landscaping and treating clay soil
  • People using coco peat and coir products for many other purposes

Also, many other customers engaged in various industrial sectors are in need of our products.

  • Mattress manufacturers
  • Coir pad manufacturers
  • Vehicle seat manufacturers (upholstery)
  • Building constructors
  • Soil erosion controllers
  • Road constructors
  • Coir brush, Banister and broom manufacturers
  • Oil refinery companies  and many others

Our Global Presence


Russia, Korea, Japan, Dubai, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, China, Turkey, Germany, The USA and Canada are our direct and indirect export destinations. We are aware of the quality requirements and specific needs of the current export destinations. So, we have the flexibility to adopt ourselves to any requirements of other destinations too with our experience.
Now we are in the process of making every possible effort to expand our direct exportation and make our global presence far more superior.

CEO of Ceyloncocopeat.com - GW BIO SUBSTRATES GROUP