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Why You Should Use Coconut Peat And Chips?

Why You Should Use Coconut Peat And Chips?

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Advanced scientific research into the suitability of coco peat and coco products has been well established. Coir peat was regarded as of no use in the past but it is only an idea belonging to the past.
Scientists and agronomists promote it as the best organic medium to use as substrate because,

  • It possesses high porosity enhancing healthy root growth.
  • It has natural tendency to absorb water assisting water absorbability and retention
  • It is convenient and efficient to use in drip irrigation which ensure no drainage of richness of the growing media
  • It supports fast germination helping plants shoot up
  • It helps plants last for a long time and also it helps nutrient absorption 100%
  • It degrades slowly and can be used for long periods
  • Any product of cocopeat carries no pathogenic properties because they are natural and environmental friendly
  • It is made from coconut husks – From above the ground – not from the ground – so they bear resistance to root diseases
  • It is easy to use and cost effective as they are reusable.
  • It always has an after use to make it far superior to all other growing media
  • This is the best natural substitute for peat moss

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